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Address: 461 Clementi Rd, Singapore 599491
Phone: +65 6248 9777


SIM is Singapore’s leading provider of private tertiary and professional training. As an embodiment of lifelong learning, SIM caters to the diverse needs of learners, from young school leavers to mid-career professionals and mature individuals seeking self-actualisation. SIM was founded in 1964 as a national management organisation under the initiation of Singapore’s Economic Development Board and today, boasts more than 44,000 corporate and individual members.

Through multiple and flexible pathways, SIM meets anyone’s quest for knowledge and achievement. SIM is committed to nurturing lifelong achievers through SIM rigorous and industry-relevant programmes. This commitment has been carried through with conviction, and the results speak for themselves. SIM students are consistently achieving stellar results in their programmes as well as earning numerous accolades in sporting and creative events. Out in the industry, SIM graduates are global-minded individuals equipped to take on the world. As a national management institute and provider of higher education and professional training, SIM is reputed for the strong track record of quality, recognition and integrity.