University of Western Sydney

The University of Western Sydney, also known as UWS, is a multi-campus university in the Greater Western region of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

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Address: Hawkesbury Campus,, College Dr, Richmond NSW 2753, Australia
Phone: +61 2 9852 5222


The University of Western Sydney has six campuses located in Greater Western Sydney (GWS) and a mission that links its activities to the development of the region. GWS is a global centre for trade, innovation and learning with the third largest economy in Australia behind the Sydney CBD and Melbourne. Its population is the fastest growing in Australia and more than 150 of the nation’s top 500 companies are located within GWS.

Learning and teaching at UWS is a responsibility of the whole university. It begins from the proposition that the whole experience counts in providing a learning environment that leads to student success. This means that everyone at UWS – including students, academic and professional staff, plays an important role in fulfilling the goals of the university.